React Native App

React Native is considered one of the most popular libraries for versatile, feature-rich, and performance-driven cross-platform mobile apps. Moreover, it is an open-source UI software framework that Facebook, Inc has created. The Framework is mostly used to develop Android, Android TV, iOS, Mac OS, Web, Windows, and UWP.

React Native compiles the JavaScript code to native components. Therefore, it uses platform-specific APIs and modules. Developers can create new ones by using such native components as Images, Text, and View as building blocks.

Advantages of Using React Native Development:-

To know more about why you need to choose React Native Development, go through its advantages:

                     Open Source and Community Driven

                     Fast-Paced and Efficient

                     Single Reusable Code Base

                       Live Reload

                      Sophisticated Developer Tools

                     Modular Architecture

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