Photo Masking

Image masking is using masks or selective adjustments to the image. Masking an image means you are limiting where a certain layer or adjustment is visible. It allows adjusting a certain portion of your image without even touching the rest part of the photo. Masking a photo is mainly used to control where an editing adjustment takes place in a photo. Moreover, it helps you refine your adjustment along a specific edge or make certain sections of an image completely transparent.

You can use masking for numerous reasons. A few of which are as follows:

·  Removing backgrounds

·   Selectively applying adjustments

·       Blending multiple images

·       Confining an image into a shape

·       Adding transparency to an image

We help you to make your product image look stunning to attract your customers. If you do not mask your photos, it would be impossible to make certain areas of your photo pop. Using image masking, you could easily target the darker areas even without touching your photo's brighter areas. Lastly, masking images turns your photo look more professional and well-balanced than what would be possible.